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Video game characters, round 2!
This time I played with a more flat illustration style. I think I prefer this to the previous post. There’s a lot more room for depth and texture.

When I have more time, I think I’ll animate this one.

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So I’m 5 followers away from 200. 
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The Evaporators were awesome as always. Then again, you’re guaranteed an amazing time at their shows. Thanks Khatsalano!
Hey everybody!
I’m starting on a new thing to get me to practice my digital illustrations during the summer months. Seeing as how I’ve been slowly replacing time better spent creatively with video games and movies, I figured I would combine the two and create a series of cartoon versions of various characters. 

Here’s my first official attempt.

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Obligatory gum head pic. But for real, Douglas Coupland was a huge inspiration that got me into a lot of things that make me who I am today.
11 more days of pre-purchased torture :(
Finally getting around to posting this snazzy pic of @macdemarco at the rock show! Good time!  (at The Vogue Theater)
Tasty tasty lemon haze. Good lookin, Oregon.  (at Rip City Remedies)
Portland: Day 2 - Our two week reservations were definitely a smart choice.  (at Apizza Scholls)
Portland: day 1

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Next level #selfie game.

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Well, I think I learned how to ollie (finally).

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