Finally getting around to posting this snazzy pic of @macdemarco at the rock show! Good time!  (at The Vogue Theater)
Tasty tasty lemon haze. Good lookin, Oregon.  (at Rip City Remedies)
Portland: Day 2 - Our two week reservations were definitely a smart choice.  (at Apizza Scholls)
Portland: day 1

🚬🐺 #dabs

Next level #selfie game.

#selfie via 💀Dopeland👽

Well, I think I learned how to ollie (finally).

#skateboarding #instaskater #ollie


50 years ago today the great trumpeter Freddie Hubbard reached the “Breaking Point!” #BlueNote75
Sunday Night Collage.

(forgot to post last night, for… obvious reasons)
Meanwhile, at the Newt practice space… #Shrek 💚
Haircut selfie.
Makes me think of Arrested Development.
Just me and my bae. #love #dayone #soulmates

Super Mario Business card
Moreno Tuttobene